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Sovanni is a lush world located far from other cosmic bodies, hidden behind a cosmic phenomenon that has come to be known as The Veil. This phenomenon serves to hide the planet and its inhabitants from the rest of the universe of Arien.


The world of Sovanni is massive in scale, easily dwarfing the largest planets in the known universe, and is divided amongst 7 main continental landmasses, with numerous outlying islands.

The largest continent, Ghita, covers roughly a quarter of the surface of the planet. Centred around the Qualen Desert, which legend says was the landing place of the first immortals to set foot on Sovanni, the continent is mostly temperate outside of the central desert. The main population centres are located upon the Plains of Tolbaru, the Ghitan Peninsula and within the Sezaru Forest, while smaller population centres lie in the foothills and peaks of the Araya Mountains and on the shores of Lake Kawahara.

Far to the north lies the continent of Samu-toch. The vast, frozen expanses were home to the Titan Imperium before the War of Breaking shattered the Titan clans and drove them to the corners of the world. Now, the outer edges of the continent house colonies and stopover ports and small villages that serve as base camps for lore hunters and fortune seekers. There are rumours that some Titans still roam their ancestral lands, and darker powers still lie trapped under the ice.

To the east the forbidding continent of Sharak-Te is found. Surrounded by deadly whirlpools, reefs and other dangers, few people know what lies on the shores of the fabled island. Some legends tell of cities of gold and untold wealth, while others speak of dark rites and unspeakable rituals involved the sacrifice of sentient lifeforms. Still others paint a picture of a vast, untamed wilderness where great beasts long forgotten to the rest of Sovanni still roam. Regardless of the legends, few still living know any solid details of life on the continent, and few seem prepared to venture there to find out...

South of Sharak-Te, the arid wasteland of Hel-Atan smoulders unceasingly. A vast desert dotted intermittently with oasis, the entire continent is a harsh, unforgiving land. Even so, Hel-Atan is home to several distinct populations. The majority of these are nomadic tribes, wandering from oasis to oasis or in pursuit of herd animals. Due to the scarcity of resources, the land is locked in almost constant warfare as the various tribes battle for their share of the meagre offerings.

Sigur-Stah floats serenely above the clouds in the north west region of Sovanni, The Maelstrom churning below in the crater where the continent was ripped from the ground. Once a lush, forested land, Sigur-Stah bore the brunt of the Angelic Invasion and was quickly occupied. Following the end of the war, the goddess Amare i'Sigersta raised the continent from the sea to protect the angelic races from further retribution.

In the south west the volcanic ashes pouring from the continent of Ag'zar blot the suns from the horizon, clouds of dark ash merging with the rain clouds to produce a mottled dark skyline. The continent itself is dotted with numerous volcanoes, most have been dormant for millennia, and covered with vegetation and dense forests thriving on the ash richened soil. Civilized life on Ag'zar is almost non-existent, although many races are now turning their eyes towards the long deserted ruins littering the forests, no longer fearing the primitive and savage races taking shelter there.

The final continental landmass is the sacred continent of Veleron. A place of great beauty and tranquillity, Veleron is held sacred to every race on Sovanni. Legend tells of a great gathering, a conclave of all races living on Sovanni, held on Veleron and attended by the gods themselves. It is said that at this conclave, the gods blessed those gathered and empowered them to defend Sovanni should the great enemy ever return, and declared Veleron a safe haven, protected from the enemy to shelter those who could not fight. These events have long been lost to the mists of time, the facts unknown, yet still Veleron lies largely unblemished from the many wars that have enveloped Sovanni - The vast Graveyard of the Kami and the frozen, timeless Battle of Yumi Beach mark the extent of war's touch on the continent.

Standing between Ghita, Samu-Toch and the Sigu-Stah Maelstorm, the Jade Monoliths watch over the vulnerable shipping lanes on the north eastern side of Ghita. Towering edifices of carved jade, the monoliths hold the likenesses of Kadriel and Tzadkiel battling one of the minions of the great enemy - a gift from the angelic host to the people of Ghita in reparation for damages during the war. Each of the monoliths are linked and the structure as a whole is possibly one of the most impregnable strongholds known.

The Garr-Toth Islands, located near the continent of Hel-Atan, are a series of small islands - fragments of a larger landmass - and a haven for scoundrels. The islands are largely lawless and as such home to a variety of unsavoury characters, guilds and organizations. Many of the pirates found roaming the seas of Sovanni originate from Garr-Toth, and the Order of the Veiled Blade are said to have either their headquarters or an outpost on one of the islands.







Gakhuul (Savage Orcs)
Thyrhuul (Black Orcs)
Kobahuul (Blue Orcs)
Krymanhuul (Red Orcs)
Ice Goblins
Akki (Mountain Goblins)
Cerablin (Star Goblins)
Volatin (Sky Goblins)
Kagelin (Shadow Goblins)


Ghitan Humans
Bientan Humans
Osterrin Humans
Fayran Humans
Skulk (Shadow Human)


Hill Dwarves
Mountain Dwarves
Duergar (Gray Dwarves)
Desert Dwarves
Metal Dwarves
Delvarrin (Sky Dwarves)


High Elves
Desert Elves
Wood Elves
Merrow (Aquatic Elves)
Drow (Dark Elves)
LeShay (Fey Elves)
Ice Elves
Valheru (Noble Elves)
Star Elves
Sun Elves
Moon Elves
Rapyth (Sky Elves)


Solar Angels
Lunar Angels
Vagrant Angels
Shield Angels
Throne Angels
Arcane Angels
Vision Angels
Shadow Angels

Chojiin (Animal-kith)

Kitsune (Fox)
Tengu (Raven)
Nezumi (Rat)
Karura (Phoenix)
Kamagoi (Mantis)
Yotai (Yak)
Omoiren (Cephalapod)
Leonin (Lion)
Togaki (Lizard)
Kamarei (Chameleon)
Chousei (Butterfly)
Tonbotai (Dragonfly)
Rakasha (Tiger)
Pandaren (Panda)
Centaur (Horse)
Naga (Serpent)
Loxo (Elephant)

Obake (Shapechangers)

Tanuki (Dog)
Mujina (Badger)
Urutan (Wolf)
Kumogai (Spider)
Kouyan (Bat0
Kumato (Bear)
Tennin (Swan)
Kameto (Turtle)
Hachido (Bee)
Kijuuko (Crane)
Wanegar (Shark)
Naichito (Nightingale)
Sasorino (Scorpion)
Kabutai (Beetle)


Iron Metallons
Copper Metallons
Tin Metallons
Lead Metallons
Silver Metallons
Gold Metallons
Platinum Metallons
Orichalcum Metallons
Moonsilver Metallons
Starsteel Metallons
Soulsteel Metallons
Adamantium Metallons




Forged In Shadows (Hybrid Path)
Immovable Object (Hybrid Path)
Shield of Faith (Hybrid Path)
Stalwart (Hybrid Path)
Distilled Light (Hybrid Path)
Pyrotechnic (Hybrid Path)
Twisted Shades (Hybrid Path)
Warden of Life (Hybrid Path)
Anvil Lord (Hybrid Path)
Blessed Tinker (Hybrid Path)
Golemancer (Hybrid Path)
Shadowsmith (Hybrid Path)
Berzerk (Hybrid Path)
Dark of the Soul (Hybrid Path)
Howling Vortex (Hybrid Path)
Simmering Fury (Hybrid Path)
Serene Slayer (Hybrid Path)
Choir Master (Hybrid Path)
Dirgesinger (Hybrid Path)
Scholar (Hybrid Path)
Swashbuckler (Hybrid Path)
Beastmaster (Hybrid Path)
Horselord (Hybrid Path)
Lance of Glory (Hybrid Path)
Rider of Darkness (Hybrid Path)
Disciple of The Light (Hybrid Path)
Slave to The Dark (Hybrid Path)
Warpriest (Hybrid Path)
Bushi (Fighter)
Ashigaru (Hybrid Path)
Defender (Hybrid Path)
Dragoon (Hybrid Path)
Samurai (Hybrid Path)
Weaponmaster (Hybrid Path)
Budoka (Monk)
Psychic Warrior
Shugenja (Sorceror)
True Necromancer
Wu Jen (Wizard)

Skills and Feats


The Grand Pantheon of Sovanni

Alyssa, Elder Goddess of Love, Romance and Laughter
Kaltos, Elder God of Change and Versatility
Ishala, Elder Goddess of Inspiration and Retribution
Arashem, Elder God of Planning and Strategy
The Blind Oracle, Elder Goddess of Fate and Prophecy
Merifex, Elder God of Alchemy and the Esoteric
Miralee, Elder Goddess of Preservation and Wisdom
Sipher, Elder God of Invention, Secrets and Revelation
N'Jeni, Elder Goddess of Education and Knowledge
Logath, Elder God of Madness and Death
Artalis, Elder Goddess of Joy and Emotion
So'van, Elder God of Rebirth and Honour
Amare i'Sigersta, Elder Goddess of Music and The Sky
Gekkan, Elder God of Travel and Growth
Empicay, Elder God of Animals and Earth
Dyrthon, Elder God of Excellence and Inquisition
Mikkun, Elder God of Medicine and Labour
Saurifel, Elder God of Friendship and Leadership
Dugtynn, Elder God of Science and The Sea
Annuel, Elder Goddess of Beauty and Dominion
Addim, Elder God of Magic and Psionics
Kiara, Goddess of Loyalty
Chienna, Goddess of Protection
Jophiel, Queen-Regent of the Angelic Host and Goddess of Virtue
Nyala, Goddess of the Stars
Indala, Queen of The Fey and Goddess of the Moon
Sindyath, Goddess of the Sun
Tezan'yth, Goddess of Life
Sidan, God of Games
Fynor, God of Security
Feyria, Goddess of the Hunt
Myellia, Goddess of Compassion and Insight
Siayana, Goddess of Art and Healing
Kyyrin, Goddess of Destruction
Kyth, Goddess of Teamwork
Stibuurn, God of Cities

Other Immortals and Deities

The Morningstar, Lord of the Fallen
Kadriel, Consort-Matriarch of the Fallen and Goddess of The Future
Metatron, Voice of Heaven
Raphael, Song of the Storm
Gabriel, Righteous Flame
Mikhael, Lord-General of The Host
Jegudiel, Herald of The Host
Uriel, Retributions Blade
Sammael, Angel of Death
Barachiel, Benevolence of Heaven
Saraquel, Vision's Herald
Sealtiel, the Celestial Inquisitor
Hanael, Shepherd of the Flock
Rical, The Sage of Aeons
Kaitryn Du Liresti, Elven Regent of the Stars

Magic and Psionics